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Why you should work at TV TPI?

TV TPI is an organization with a mission to provide drug users with valuable and quality products registered in Europe at reasonable prices. Besides business development, we are always aware that each employee is an important link, a talent of the organization. Therefore, TV TPI is always looking for people who want to develop themselves, constantly learn, and contribute to the sustainable development of the company.

Benefits of Orioled Hub


Salary is based on employee's ability. There is also a performance bonus policy. Enjoy quarterly productivity and periodic salary increase, Tet bonus, birthday bonus, bonus according to the Company's business sales.


To enjoy full benefits of employees according to current law (Social Insurance, Health Insurance). Teambuilding, competitions at the company


Participated in advanced training in depth, expertise and soft skills. Opportunities for personal growth and advancement within the organization.


Dynamic and friendly working environment. Have the opportunity to work with many big and reputable partners. Opportunity to work abroad.


Monday to Friday. Saturday & Sunday closed.
From 8:00 to 17:00 (12:00 to 13:00 lunch break).

recruitment job

Salary: Wage agreement (Based on candidate's experience and ability)

Job decriptions:
- Provide comprehensive administrative and management support to the COO.
- Assist in the preparation of plans, reports, and data analysis for the COO.
- Manage all documents, records, and data related to the COO's work.
- Attend meetings with clients and business partners.
- Work closely with other departments and managers to ensure the efficient execution of internal processes.
- Keep track of project/company goal progress and report to the COO, proposing solutions from the relevant departments to achieve objectives.
- Oversee and report on the work of assigned departments to the COO.
- Perform other duties as assigned.

Job requirements:
- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related field.
- 1+ years of experience in an executive assistant or administrative support role.
- Strong organizational and time management skills.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Fluent in English (both written and spoken).
- Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and other relevant software.
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Salary: Wage agreement (Based on candidate's experience and ability)

Job decriptions:
1. Product Research and Development Role (30%)
- Conduct characterization studies of raw materials and excipients;
- Conduct formulation and process research in the laboratory;
- Prepare registration dossiers for content related to formulation and process;
- Evaluate the stability of research products.
2. Role in Production Equipment Validation (40%)
- Prepare URS for production equipment to meet planned production processes;
- Participate in risk assessment, DQ, FAT/SAT, IQ, OQ of production equipment.
3. Technology Transfer Role (20%)
- Participate in the transfer and validation of production processes at the factory or with external partners;
- Prepare master formulas, production processes, outlines, and reports for process validation.
4. Other Tasks (10%)
- Perform other tasks as assigned by the RD Manager.

Job requirements:
1. Education and qualifications:
- Minimum: Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy.
2. Experience and expertise:
- Minimum 03 years of experience working in QA, RD or Production departments in a sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing plant;
- Priority for candidates with experience in validation or operation of production equipment in an injection manufacturing plant.
3. Abilities and qualities:
- English: minimum reading comprehension of specialized documents;
- Careful and meticulous work personality;
- Ability to self-study and update knowledge and regulations related to the scope of work;
- Ability to work independently, ability to analyze problems and manage work well within the scope of work.

Salary: Wage agreement (Based on candidate's experience and ability)

Job decriptions:
1. Monitor GxP compliance for production activities (70%)
- Compile and update SOPs related to regulations and control in production.
- Conduct in-process controls (IPC) during manufacturing.
- Manage the process of handling deviations related to product quality, including verification
CAPA determination.
- Participate in and review manufacturing process validations, media fills, and analytical methods.
- Manage, coordinate, and review cleaning procedure validations.
- Check and prepare release batch documents
- Manage, coordinate implementation and evaluate results of annual product quality reviews
2. Employee Control for Manufacturing Activities (30%)
- Conduct and follow up on employee evaluations
- Monitor employee hygiene and attire.
- Control access to manufacturing areas.
- Supervise compliance with SOPs and GMP regulations.

Job requirements:
1. Degree and educational level:
- University pharmacist
- Good English (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
2. Experience and professional knowledge
- Minimum 4 years of experience in a relevant field.
- Experience in sterile drug manufacturing.
- Priority is given to candidates with experience working at EU-GMP factories
3. Capacity and qualities:
- Careful, responsible and proactive
- Hardworking and diligent
- Have good moral qualities and honesty
- Teamwork.

Salary: Wage agreement (Based on candidate's experience and ability)

Job decriptions:
1. Preparation/ review documents (80%)
- Responsible for preparation/ review of documents such as but no limited: SOPs, microbial testing procedures, etc.
- Preparation of User requirements specification, operating & cleaning procedure, documents for calibration/ validation/ qualification/ maintenance, monitoring the qualification and calibration status of instruments.
- Prepare and review the protocol and report for qualification/ validation related microbiology laboratory (Qualification of new Instrumenst, microbial method validation, holding time study,etc.).
- Prepare sampling schedule of environmental monitoring and water system, compressed air system and workshop.
- Participate in investigation of Out Of Specifications (OOS) results and implementation of respected corrective and preventive actions, whenever applicable.
- Manage strains, BI.
- Preparing and monitoring usage disinfectant.
- Monitoring the usage and preservation culture mediums, chemicals-reagents, apparatuses of Microbial lab. Preparing media, regeants, Monitoring preparated media usage, Perform the GPT test.
- Participate in subculture to maintaince microorganism strains, carry out testing for microorganism strains and biological indicator.
- Performing microbial limit test, bacterial endotoxin test, EI test, sterility test,etc.
2. Other works (20%)
- Following instructions and reporting directly to the Head of QC department.
- Taking other tasks which are assigned by the Head of QC department.

Job requirements:
1. Degree and educational level
- Graduated from University of Biology, Biochemistry- Microbiology or pharmacy.
2. Experiences:
- Candidates must have experience in pharmaceutical factories as well as initial system preparation for Microbiology laboratory, especially EU GMP factory.
- Having experience at least 2 years working in the Microbiology laboratory.
3. Capacity:
- English: Reading comprehensive documents in the pharmaceutical sector, good at communication and writing skills.
- Office skills: Effectively using office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
- Others: Be active in tasks, self-studied, and friendly with colleagues.

Salary: Wage agreement (Based on candidate's experience and ability)

Job decriptions:
1. Market Analysis (55%)
- Collect information, analyze, evaluate products (drugs, medical devices, functional foods, cosmetics), market, competitors, customers;
- Plan product orientation, customer needs, market situation;
- Grasp and apply related Laws, Decrees, Circulars.
2. Business Development (35%)
- Find, approach, negotiate with potential suppliers;
- Monitor sales, consult strategies, support in the bidding process, sales, marketing.
3. Perform other tasks as assigned (10%)

Job requirements:
1. Degree and education level
- University Pharmacist
2. Experience and professional knowledge
- 3 years of experience in a similar position;
- Understanding of distribution channels (ETC, OTC, …), regulations related to the profession;
- Ability to collect information, analyze, evaluate and perceive market trends, especially Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Functional Foods, Cosmetics;
- Good English communication;
- Knowledge of sales and marketing is an advantage.
3. Capacity and quality
Negotiation skills, problem-solving;
Persistence, hard work.

Salary: Wage agreement (Based on candidate's experience and ability)

Job decriptions:
1. Execute content writing tasks as requested (95%)
- Coordinate content planning, strategy with specific objectives. Contribute ideas, collaborate with the team to execute content marketing campaigns;
- Propose and implement content marketing initiatives to achieve company goals;
- Build and manage content on the company's website, blog, fan page, video scripts, etc.
- Develop content on untapped channels;
- Collaborate with designers and team members to produce high-quality content in both writing and imagery;
- Edit, proofread, and optimize content for SEO standards;
- Ensure the publication of quality, accurate, and regular content weekly/monthly;
- Stay updated on trends to provide new ideas to enhance interaction and brand recognition;
- Monitor, analyze, and evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing metrics and research customer insights to optimize performance;
- Regularly report results to superiors;
- Other related tasks as assigned by management.
2. Other duties (5%)
- Participate in company projects and events, interdepartmental projects related to improving business efficiency or enhancing workflow processes, etc.;
- Perform other tasks as directed by the Head of Communications.

Job requirements:
- College or University degree in Marketing, Communications, or related fields.
- Minimum of 01 year of experience in content writing positions;
- Understanding of SEO and content optimization on websites;
- Good English writing and reading comprehension skills;
- Proficiency in using content management and publishing software such as WordPress, etc.;
- Digital content production capabilities: Ability to explore main ideas for content topics and develop production plans;
- Creativity, artistic thinking, and good trend awareness.

Salary: Wage agreement (Based on candidate's experience and ability)

Job decriptions:
1. Perform filming, photography as required (40%)
- Coordinate with the requester to film according to the existing script content to serve communication activities on channels: Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, internal channel,… about events, programs and activities of the company;
- In charge of taking photos at events, activities inside and outside the company. As well as taking photos as required: profile photos, photos according to monthly concept,…;
- Perform decor and setup shooting scene according to script content;
- Proactively learn more about trends, contribute ideas about content, creative ideas about techniques to improve the quality and effectiveness of videos, images;
- Build content production timeline including: filming plan; filming and editing time,…
2. Proceed to edit images, assemble videos (45%)
- Post-process the filmed video: sound, effects, quality,… suitable for production requirements and previous script ideas to increase attraction and interaction;
- Proceed to edit images and assemble videos according to the script, communication plan;
- Coordinate to review the quality of form and content of the product before forwarding to related departments.
3. Make proposals, preserve equipment and documents related to the job (10%)
- Manage, arrange logical Video and Image warehouse convenient in data retrieval;
- Manage and preserve equipment such as: camera, camcorder, lights,…;
- Propose to purchase equipment or tools to support the job.
4. Other tasks (5%)
- Participate in company projects and events, inter-departmental projects related to improving business efficiency or improving work processes,…;
- Perform other tasks, jobs as directed by the Head of Communication Department.

Job requirements:
1. Degree and Education Level
- Minimum: graduated from college in related fields.
2. Experience and Professional Knowledge
- Minimum 01 year of experience in positions such as: Media; Filming, taking and assembling videos;
- Understand the operation of communication platforms, social networks and content production field;
- Good use of filming equipment, image editing and video software: Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Capcut,…;
Understand the process from filming to editing and post-production.
3. Abilities and Qualities
- Digital content production ability: Ability to exploit the main idea for content topics and build production plans;
- Creative ability, artistic thinking and good trend updating;
- Effective communication and teamwork skills;
- Organizational and time management skills to ensure work progress.

How to apply

The recruitment information will be updated regularly on the website and other recruitment pages. Leave your application information here:

For any questions about the vacancy and application, please contact the HR department during office hours by phone: 0969 813 694 or email: